Is Teletherapy Right for Me?

Before choosing online therapy, you should take a variety of factors into consideration. The first factor that one must consider is whether teletherapy is the right option for them. If one lacks access to technology such as internet access, computer access, and a safe space to meet with their therapist online, teletherapy can prove to be challenging. Additionally, some treatments are not always accessible through teletherapy. It is important to discuss with your therapist to determine if teletherapy is right for you. 

Secondly, when choosing to meet with a therapist online, it is important that you ensure your provider is professionally licensed by the state. At Plum Behavioral Health, our therapists are all professionally licensed and are well equipped to serve your needs. We are a HIPPA-compliant organization, and provide therapy through secure HIPPA-compliant modalities as well. For us, your security and privacy are our priority.

Lastly, access to technology and the ability to navigate technology is integral to ensuring that your telehealth experience is optimal. Before starting teletherapy, make sure that you have access to a computer, laptop or tablet at all times. The computer should have a webcam or the potential for a webcam attachment. Additionally, it is pertinent that you have internet access at home or in a secure location so that you are able to easily access your therapy sessions. Lastly, as most communication with your therapist will be online, it is also important that you have an email through which your therapist can contact you, send you important documents, or communicate relevant information regarding therapy, payments, clinic operations and more. Ensuring that you have the correct technology needed to access teletherapy can smooth your transition and significantly improve your experience.

The world of teletherapy is growing day by day. More and more individuals are turning to online modalities for accessing mental health services as an alternative to in-person services. The world of teletherapy has significantly reduced barriers to access for individuals globally. With more individuals turning to online modalities for work and schooling, busy schedules, and the need for flexibility in a fast-paced society, telehealth and teletherapy offer a new frontier for clients and therapists all over the world. If you are interested in teletherapy and learning about how you can obtain mental health services online, click here to contact us or request a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you and hope we can answer your questions and concerns about teletherapy.

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