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At Plum, we focus on meeting clients where they are, and helping them to overcome behavioral obstacles and emotional challenges. While we strive to help clients meet goals that make their life one in which they want to live and participate; however, we do not JUST care about our clients. We also want our therapists to live lives of which they want to be a part and to participate fully! We have a wonderful team that values learning and collaboration. Our agency culture is one of respect that balances autonomy with support. 

Community mental health organizations often work really well in the service of clients, but often prioritizes clients over clinicians. The organizational structure tends to focus more on the bottom line which frequently burns out clinicians and often overwhelms them with the productivity demands of the agency, due to a sort of work overload, in an already stressful field. For therapists, who are just out of their graduate programs and who are very new to the field, community mental health organizations provide a diverse experience, an excellent education, and supervision in meeting the mental health needs of many in their community, as well as, industry standards for records and documentation.

Private practice agencies are often able to offer considerably more support, flexibility, and independence for clinicians; but the agencies are often more geared toward the clinicians than clients, in that, there are not as many checks and balances for clinician accountability, and they often do not offer the variety of services or accommodations that are accessible with community mental health agencies. It is Plum’s goal to offer an organization that will meet clients’ needs and also support clinicians, while offering both clients and clinicians freedom and flexibility at the same time.

Depending on your geographical location, we offer individual, family, and couples counseling in-person, but we are also really excited to offer sessions on-line as well!

We use a Dialectical Behavioral therapy informed approach in our services; so, we also offer group skills training online.

In addition to using this DBT approach to therapy, we also offer Radically Open-Dialectical Behavioral therapy. While DBT offers clients help to better regulate their emotions and manage high risk behaviors, RO-DBT offers clients with fairly rigid boundaries help to decrease emotional and behavioral over regulating.

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