Why you should hop in your comfy pants and stay home.

As you have most likely heard COVID-19 (coronavirus) has reached the level of a pandemic. In resolution, we, at Plum have decided as for the best interest of your mental and physical health to suspend all in-person sessions until at least April 19th, 2020. If you are new to Plum or hoping to start services with Plum, you will still be able to schedule online sessions during this time.

COVID-19 is dangerous

While the Coronavirus’ most common symptoms of a runny nose, sore throat, cough, fever do not sound any scarier than a basic common cold, in some severe cases  it causes difficulty breathing. Coronavirus is very dangerous, particularly for people who have compromised immune systems, pre-existing respiratory issues, as well as, the elderly in our communities. While you may not be in one of the danger groups, you likely know someone who is and can carry the virus to them without realizing.

COVID-19 is contagious 

The COVID-19 has become such a problem because of how easy it spreads. Close encounters with people put you more at risk for catching and carrying the virus. The range for this risk is 3 to 6 feet. Interpersonal encounters are not the only way to come into contact with the virus, these gross germs can also be left behind by coughing or sneezing on counter tops, desks, or chairs, such as in waiting rooms, airports, and other public areas.  

Services through teletherapy are easy and convenient!

  1. It is as easy as clicking on a link to get connected to your therapist

  2. You are connected to your therapist through a safe and HIPAA compliant platform that allows you to receive services regardless of any social distancing suggestions.

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