Olivia Rawlyk

Olivia Rawlyk, MSW Intern

Credentials:  Pre-graduate professional, graduate student at The University of Michigan School of Social Work, Interpersonal Practice in Integrated Health, Mental Health, & Substance Abuse MSW Program.

Practice Locations

  •  Telehealth -E-Sessions (Minnesota)
Not independently licensed. Supervised by Colleen McClanahan Minnesota / 30871

· Depression                       · Mood Disorders                                ·Anger Management
· Behavioral Issues         ·Borderline Personality  (DBT)    ·Coping Skills                     
· Dual Diagnosis               ·Emotional Dysregulation   · Anxiety

·Specific Personality Disorders (with supervision)     ·Life Transitions                                · Peer Relationships    ·Spirituality Stress 
 ·Coping Skills · Women's Issues
Types of TherapyModality Client Population
· Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)   · Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)  · Radically Open DBT
  ·  Teletherapy

· Individuals 
· Family
· Group
  ·  Children      ·  Adolescents    · Adult                     · Couples     · Families

 Accepted Insurance Plans
·  Prepaid Medical Assistance Program (PMAP)     · South Country Health Alliance  · Medicaid · Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN · Blue Plus Minnesota Care

Sliding Scale: Yes

Pay By: American Express, Cash, Check, Discover, Health Savings Account, Mastercard, Visa

Professional Statement

I am motivated to be a support to each person I interact with, whether in a therapeutic setting or in everyday life. It is my goal to provide an open space where we can work together towards greater overall wellbeing and build on the strengths that each individual already has. It is so important to me to create genuine connections and build strong therapeutic relationships through empathy, openness, and a non-judgmental approach. As one of my mentors often said, “the relationship is key,” and I am looking forward to creating a space where we can learn together to work towards a life worth living and sharing! 

 Personal Statement 

Growing up in northern Minnesota gave me a great love for nature, which inspires me to spend time outside with loved ones, most often at Lake Superior. If I’m not on the shore looking for agates and fun rocks, I am spending time with my cats, working on a craft project, or practicing connecting with my body through dance and creative movement. I am constantly inspired and fulfilled by working with people and am honored to be able to join you on your journey. 

What inspired you to pursue your profession?

Caring for and supporting others has always been very important to me and I feel it is vital that people have a place to heal, grow, and learn. I really enjoy connecting with others from all walks of life and want t feel grateful for the chance to work with and learn from an amazing team of therapists during my pre-graduation experience.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

I see myself finishing graduate school and earning my clinical license in the near future and continuing to work with clients within a therapy setting. As I advance in my career, it is my goal to learn more about Dance/Movement Therapy and be able to share my love of creative movement arts while focusing on healing and growth.

Notice to Consumer:

At Plum Behavioral Health, we have the highest standard for our clinicians and staff. We hope and expect that you will be satisfied with the treatment you receive from us. If problems arise, we will try to correct them; Plum Behavioral Health is committed to finding solutions to any difficulties or concerns you may encounter during your services with us.

We would like to encourage you to talk about any problems with your clinician or their supervisor. If you feel your concerns cannot be resolved with your current clinician, you may request a change of clinician or location at any time. If you are dissatisfied with the services you are receiving or have received, you have the following options to try and find a resolution.

Tell your therapist what you want, and they will provide you with the necessary forms.

  • Call 877-758-6328 and dial the extension for the office where you currently receive services or the office where you want to be seen and ask the secretary to send you a “Clinician Change Request form.” They will send it to you through your client portal. If you would prefer that it be mailed to you, please specify that you would like it sent to your address. If you want to see a particular clinician, please indicate them on the change form.
  • Email [email protected] and request a “Clinician Change Request Form”; it will be sent to your client portal. Please complete the form and then submit it.

The Change of Clinician form will then be reviewed by the supervisor, clinical director, and branch manager; they will make every effort to address your concerns or complaints. Plum Behavioral Health then decided on the proper steps to address your concerns or grievances.

They will decide on the appropriate outcome and submit the form and the determined outcome to Plum’s Quality Improvement department. The form may be sent electronically via inter-office or through email.

If, for some reason, we can't make your request, we will be sure to provide an explanation of the denial or amendment to you in writing. If, in the course of this process, you believe that you have not been treated with dignity and respect or if you think that we have not done our best to meet your needs, we encourage you to reach out to our Chief Operations Officer at 877-758-6328 ext. 700. We genuinely hope that you will allow us to correct any deficits you may have experienced with our system.

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